Hurricane Strap Installation Services

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Hurricane Straps

Hurricane straps may not be on your radar as a South Florida homeowner, although you already know the devastation and destruction hurricanes and tropical storms can cause. Here at Kairos Roofing, we understand your concern about whether your home will hold up during a dangerous storm, and we can help you secure a stronger structure.

Did you know that hurricane roof straps are one of the most important tools available to South Florida homeowners? These small but important additions can greatly increase your home’s ability to withstand high winds each and every hurricane season. Not only will hurricane straps give you confidence that your family will remain safe through even the harshest weather, but they may also help lower your insurance costs.

Hurricane straps can be installed in your home by our team of experienced Kairos Roofing contractors, even if you’re living in an older home. In fact, hurricane straps for older homes are just as effective at strengthening your home’s structure, and getting them installed is easy when you work with our established team. We can also perform the installation in a new home, during the construction phase. Whether your home is new or aging, give us a call today, and let’s discuss how to arm your home – quickly and professionally – before the next major storm touches down.

About Hurricane Straps and Why You Need Them

Hurricane straps, also known as roof-to-wall connections, help keep your roof attached to your house during the high winds that accompany hurricanes and tropical storms in South Florida.

Our trusted stainless steel hurricane straps are durable and resistant to corrosion, which makes them a great choice for hurricane mitigation. Our skilled contractors can install these straps anywhere your roof rafters connect with your home’s walls.

The hurricane strapping process can be incorporated during new construction or when installing a new roof on an existing structure.

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Why Hurricane Straps Work

Hurricane strapping works by strengthening the connections between different parts of your home. When we outfit your home with these straps, it prevents parts of your home, especially your roof, from blowing off or suffering extensive damage from the strong winds that surge during a hurricane or tropical storm. Installing hurricane clips can help your roof resist the uplift forces exerted by hurricane winds, which can apply upward pressure on your roof, causing some – or all – of it to disconnect from the rest of your house.

With a hurricane strap installation from Kairos Roofing, you can omit the headache, and the heartache, that can accompany storm damage to your home. Allowing us to install trustworthy hurricane straps will keep the structure of your home strong and protected for years to come!

Does My Roof Need Hurricane Straps?

We recommend hurricane strap installation for every roof in South Florida. Unless your home was built with straps during the construction phase, it’s time to take action and let retrofit hurricane straps protect your family home. During a hurricane or tropical storm, the last thing that should be on your mind is whether your home can stand upright. You’ve got your family’s health and safety to worry about instead – and at Kairos Roofing, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t let the concept of hurricane straps for houses become an added stressor as you prepare for hurricane season. We will handle all the details of your strapping project professionally and efficiently, with a commitment to finishing the project on time – and on budget.

Insurance Discounts for Hurricane Straps

Did you know that hurricane strapping is also an economical investment? Many of our clients experience impressive savings on monthly homeowner’s insurance premiums after installing our hurricane clips, though the exact savings vary depending on your situation and your insurance carrier.

If you’re still on the fence, keep in mind that installing hurricane clips also reduces the likelihood that your insurance company will need to pay for repairs or replace your home, altogether. Your insurance company can offer you discounts for making your home less susceptible to South Florida’s dangerous weather. Adding hurricane straps is a smart choice – no matter how you look at it.