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What To Do In A Roofing Emergency

When your home falls victim to a roof leak emergency, you should take immediate action to mitigate the level of damage. A prolonged leak could require extensive roof repair – or even full roof replacement – along with fixing other injured components of your home’s structure.

The emergency roof leak repair team from Kairos Roofing will come out to your home to address the situation. When working with our skilled team of emergency roof repair specialists, you can expect a fully transparent experience. We will assess the emergency, inform you of the repair options and provide a fair and honest estimate for the completion of the job. We know that emergencies are scary and stressful, which is why it is important to consult an experienced roofing team. At Kairos Roofing, your safety matters most, which is why we’ll arrive quickly – and patch up your roof swiftly.

Slow Leaks Vs. Roof Leak Emergencies

When determining if you’re experiencing a true roofing emergency, it’s important to understand the leak in question and the magnitude of your situation. For example, a slow roof leak is one that involves a steady trickle that happens over a period of time. On the other hand, a major roof emergency involves a gushing stream of water that can occur due to a buildup or a major South Florida hurricane or tropical storm. Although the slow-stream leak is not as dire as a major gusher, it can still wreak havoc on your roof, as well as other parts of your home.

To identify a slow roof leak, which may not be a roof leak emergency, look out for warning signs. These include:

  • Mold spores – You may notice these in your attic or on your ceiling. Typically, mold spores reach areas of high-moisture in the home. If you notice mold spores, call our team to analyze a possible slow roof leak.
  • Ceiling discoloration –  Discoloration on your ceiling is a telltale sign of a leaky roof. If you detect roof discoloration but do not see any water dripping from the ceiling, this could mean the water has dried up, but that does not put you in the clear. As soon as you spot this discoloration, call Kairos Roofing to come and assess the situation.
  • Peeling wallpaper or paint – When water builds up near where the ceiling meets the top of your walls, you may notice your wallpaper or paint job bubbling or peeling.
  • Dark roof spots – If you notice areas of your roof that remain dark colors following a storm, this is indicative of a roof leak. This can occur when water pools into a weak area of your roof, because it cannot drain properly. As the area gets weaker, it may eventually cave in during the next major storm, so make sure to call an emergency roofing company like Kairos Roofing to perform an assessment today.

How to Handle a Roof Leak Emergency

When a roofing emergency hits, it’s important not to panic. Next, take the steps to contain the situation prior to calling for professional help. Immediately after the incident, you must:

  1. Contain the water. To address an emergency ceiling leak repair, grab a bucket or a large, waterproof container to collect the water, so it does not continue to damage the rest of your home. You can add an old T-shirt to the bottom of the bucket to absorb splashes, or fasten a long string to the ceiling to guide the water down on a path into the bucket.
  2. Protect your belongings. Move any valuables into an area unaffected by the leak, or cover them with plastic. Consider your electronics and furniture, to start.
  3. Remove the water. After the water stops, it’s important to dry all areas impacted by the water, including carpet, furniture and wooden structures. Anything that is exposed to water may be stained, and can also produce dreaded mold.  Place a fan directly towards the damp areas. If you have extensive water damage you should consider contacting a Water Mitigation Company to ensure the damaged areas dry correctly and do not produce dangerous mold.
  4. Document the damages. It’s crucial to document the incident in as much depth as possible for your homeowner’s insurance company. Take photos and good notes, because the more material you can provide to back up a possible insurance claim, the better.

How Kairos Roofing Can Handle Your Roofing Emergency

Now that you’ve done great work handling your initial emergency, it’s time to call the pros for more extensive help. Let us take care of your incident in a timely manner, so we can fix your roof before things get worse. In order to ensure that your home does not incur any more damage, the first step may be to implement a short-term solution, such as an emergency roof repair tarp. Tarping allows us to create a  watertight environment, while we await the required roofing materials and local permits to repair or replace your roof. No matter the actions required to remedy your roofing emergency, the experts at Kairos Roofing will perform a thorough audit of your roof and present you with a fair plan and estimate.

Following a roofing emergency, the worst-case scenario is a roof replacement. If you do require a roof replacement, we will work with you to get the job done on time and on budget. Since we know that not every homeowner has a rainy-day fund available for emergency roofing services, we will gladly discuss all of our financing options and insurance discounts to find the best solution for you.