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Learn How to Prepare Your Roof and Home For a Hurricane

Hurricane preparedness is essential for all South Florida residents, but it’s especially important for homeowners. After all, your home is your sanctuary, and it’s also one of your most prized investments. Damage to your property from a hurricane or tropical storm could mean years of expensive repairs, hours on the phone with your insurance company or, worst-case scenario, harm or injury to your loved ones.

Hurricane preparation can help prevent this type of nightmare from becoming a reality, especially when you work with a trusted roofing company like Kairos Roofing. We prepare for hurricanes by helping homeowners make important safety and structural upgrades to their homes. The below list outlines a few steps you can take to prepare for the worst.

1. Order a Full Home Audit

In order to truly prepare your home for a hurricane, you need to first understand your home’s existing structures. Not only does this give you a baseline marker for your current hurricane preparedness, but it also points out holes or flaws that you can address to make your home stronger. In addition to a full home audit, you must pay specific attention to your roof – if you don’t have a safe and secure roof structure, you may not be so lucky when the next major storm hits.

At Kairos Roofing, we offer hurricane prep in the form of an extensive and thorough evaluation of your roof and its related structures. After this audit, we’ll share our recommendations on how best to proceed, including whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced in order to stand a chance during South Florida’s next hurricane season. We’ll also share information with you about other hurricane preparedness steps you can take on – and under – your roof, too.

2. Repair Active Leaks

Preparing for a hurricane in South Florida means spotting a leaky roof before season hits. If your home’s roof is leaking now, just imagine the force of hurricane rains barreling down. Without repair, you may be in for some trouble. At Kairos Roofing, we specialize in roof repairs, including leaky roofs. Fret not; we’ll prepare your roof for a hurricane by fixing any roof leaks in a quick and professional manner. During our evaluation, we’ll notify you of any undetected leaks or potential future leaks so you can assess the best way to move forward. Keep in mind that undetected leaks can also wreak havoc on your home (beyond your roof), so this step is important for overall maintenance, as well.

3. Install Hurricane Straps

One of the best ways to prepare for a hurricane is to install hurricane straps on your home. If your home is older, chances are, the builders didn’t install hurricane straps during the original construction process. Unfortunately, this can leave your home vulnerable to damage caused by the high winds that come with hurricanes and tropical storms. At Kairos Roofing, we can install secure hurricane tie-downs, which attach your roof to the rest of your home, helping to keep it in place in the face of uplift storm-related forces.

4. Mount Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane preparedness in South Florida is synonymous with hurricane shutters. If you don’t have hurricane shutters, it’s something you should consider ASAP. Hurricane shutters can prevent your home from being damaged while keeping your belongings safe. Shutters attach to the outside of your home and prevent windows and glass doors from shattering due to high winds and debris. When preparing for hurricane season, there are many different styles and types of hurricane shutters on the market, and Kairos Roofing can help you understand which one is best for your home – and your budget. The most important factors here include size and proper installation. Otherwise, the shutters won’t be as effective against a tropical storm or hurricane.

5. Buy Supplies Ahead of Time

It’s always a good idea to prepare for a hurricane or another emergency during a period of calm. This allows you to make well-educated and intentional decisions without judgement clouded by emotions. Consider buying supplies ahead of time so that you’re ready for the next hurricane or tropical storm – whenever that may be. A strong hurricane prep checklist includes:

  1. Essentials: First-aid kits, flashlights, batteries and battery packs, battery-powered radios, tools, matches/lighters, gas, generators, water (1 gallon per person, per day), bug spray and toilet paper.
  2. Non-perishable foods: Canned goods, bread, condiments, snacks, cereal, protein bars, pet food and baby food.
  3. Additional home goods: Garbage bags, tissues, paper towels, toiletries, disposable plates and cutlery.

6. Install Surge Protectors

When preparing for a hurricane, consider that power outages are very common during bad weather in South Florida. This means it’s a good idea to install surge protection and prepare for a hurricane now, before the next storm hits. Surge protectors are both relatively inexpensive and very easy to install, but they perform an important function – they can protect your household appliances and other electronics in the event of a surge, which saves you money, and hassle, in the long run.

7. Check Your Garage Door

Hurricane preparedness 101 includes remembering to check and board up your windows and doors. But, what about your garage door? Your garage door is particularly susceptible to high winds, so it’s not something you should overlook. You can install a hurricane-rated garage door or a garage door bracing kit if replacing your existing garage door isn’t within budget.

If you need help hurricane-proofing your home, call the pros at Kairos Roofing, and we’ll conduct an evaluation and fix whatever is needed – before it’s too late.