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About Our Company



kai • ros | (‘)kIī: räs
plural kairoi -roi

Definition of
kairos: a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action : the opportune and decisive moment

Who We Are

Founded by a third-generation commercial roofing expert, Kairos Roofing grew out of a desire to support the local community with quality roofing services. The Greek word “KAIROS” describes a moment when opportunity is realized. Where the Greek word “chronos” refers to sequential, chronological time, or measurable time, kairos is more like the opportune time…it’s the “right” time.

With the mission of making a greater impact on the communities and families around us, Kairos Roofing strives to make homes safer in South Florida, an environment that is notoriously tough on roofs. We believe that any business is a family business if you treat everyone like family. When it comes to roofing, putting family first means seeing a house not just as a building that needs a roof or as a dollar amount to sell, but as a home that needs to be protected in order for a family to thrive. We want our business to thrive, just as we want our employees to thrive, just as we want your family to thrive, and just as we want our communities to thrive. They are all intertwined and that is why we treat everyone like family. We serve you above the rest so that everyone is uplifted.

We will treat you like family by demonstrating our value and serving you with integrity and respect. We will deliver quality work, on time and on budget. From your first encounter with us to a lifetime spent under a quality roof, we will work hard to make sure you feel well-served and 100% satisfied.